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Rubber tiles

The KINELE rubber floor for ground coverings are made from
recycled SBR and a virgin EPDM top coat. Thanks to this materials combination our product has greater durability and resistance than other similar products you can find in the market. (please check technical specifications)

Great capacity of drainage with no need to modify water-drainages nor drains
Rubber floor tiles. Install them over cement, brick, ground floor level.

Avoid tripping hazard thanks to our edge tile ramps!

Rampas y esquinas de caucho.

Rubber tiles for playgrounds

Rubber tiles for schools, nurseries...

playground mats

Playground safety surfarcing.

Rubber tiles installed on gym floor

Choose between our range the color that more adjusts to your necessity

Ballistic rubber tiles

The ballistic tiles can be installed on the walls and ceilings. They have good properties to prevent noise and ricochets for indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.

Thanks to their components, they provide acoustic insulation and are adapted to industrial use with high level of noise.

Ballistic rubber tiles. Perfect for shooting ranges.

Choose the thickness that adjusts to your necessity
Choose the thickness that adjusts to your necessity

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